Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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Basic Tag Instructions & Printing

Tags contain the following information:

• CONSIGNOR # - This is the number assigned to each seller at registration.

• SIZE - Fill in the size if the item is clothing. Leave blank for all other items.

• CATEGORY - Choose the appropriate category for your item.

• DESCRIPTION - Please include as much detail as possible, brand name, color,

item specifics. Include any information a potential buyer might want to know.

Indicate # of pieces if more than one. A good description helps if your tag

becomes separated from an item.

• DONATE - Mark if you are going to donate or not.

• PRICE - Please use increments of $1.00. All tags must be at least $2.00 (before

the 1/2 price sale).

• DISCOUNT - Please indicate whether your item may be sold at 50% off on

Saturday from 1pm-3pm (remember if you are donating your unsold items, you

might as well let them go 1/2 price and get something out of them!).



More Information


Please use CARDSTOCK PAPER for tags. If you use regular printing paper it is easier for the tag to get detached from your items and be lost, in which case your item would not be able to be sold.


Print tags on colored cardstock if you wish to pick up unsold items at the end of the sale. Which color cardstock you use is based on your consignor number. Any items printed on white cardstock will be donated, and will not get sorted for pick-up.


Print tags on this color:

Numbers 1-99

Numbers 100-199

Numbers 200-299

Numbers 300-399

Number 400-499

Numbers 500-599

Numbers 600-699

Numbers 600-699

Green (light shade)


Blue (light shade)

Red (light shade)


Orange (light shade)

Purple (light shade)

Grey (light shade)

Be sure to indicate whether your items should be marked down for the 1/2 price sale by checking the box in the online inventory.


Please use numeric sizing (3m, 4T, 6) not S-M-L for children's clothing.



Attaching tags:


• Punch a hole in the tag -be sure not to punch a hole through any of the


• Hangers should look like a ? when you are looking at the front of your clothes.

• Shoes should be tied or attached together in some way.

• Any loose parts should be put in bags and attached securley to the item they go

with. Sealing bags with packing tape is a good idea.

• Please try not to put tape over barcodes. If there is tape on the barcode, the

scanner cannot read it.

• For books, attach tags with painters tape.....won't harm the cover!

• For larger items (cribs, strollers, swings, etc) please zip-tie your tag to them.





If you decide to change price or discount info, please make a new tag.


Remember to use WHITE CARDSTOCK for your tags if you wish to donate unsold items after the sale, and YOUR ASSIGNED COLOR cardstock if you wish to pick up unsold items.


• Please use an inkjet or laser printer with a

normal (not fine) print setting. Faded barcodes

or those that are too dark may not work because

the lines bleed into each other. The barcode

needs to appear crisp and clear.

• Set your printer to maximum print area (no

margins), so it doesn't cut off the bottom of the


• Be sure to print one page of tags first to make

sure they print correctly, before printing all of

your tags.