Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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Consignor Information

If you have quality gently used children's items from clothing to toys to baby equipment (make sure to check out the information on the Mommie Mart .....remember this sale isn't just for kids anymore!!!)you can consign with us and make some money! Plus you'll get to shop early at the Consignors-Only Sale for better selection and smaller crowds. Just gather up your items, put tags on everything, and drop it all off...


So clean out those closets and turn those unused items into CA$H! You'll keep 70% of your selling price. If you want to earn even more, check out the shifts available to be an Early Bird or Super volunteer!


Please read through guildelines & requirements so this event can be a success for everyone!

-Consignors set their own prices

-Consignors will be paid 70% of the selling price of each item     (*Early Bird & Super volunteers earn 75%*)

-Consignors determine how much money they make by how many quality items they bring and how items are presented and priced.

-Consignors have the opportunity to shop early at the Consignors Only Sale

-$10.00 consignor fee will be deducted from your check. (If you don't do a volunteer shift for the sale or help with sorting items after the sale, the consignor fee will be $12.00.)



Registering to consign:


Register as a consignor even if you have consigned with us before (returning consignors click Consignor Homepage"). If you are a new consignor (click New Consignor Registration") this is how you get your consignor number. Returning consignors will have the same seller number. If you don't get an email with your consignor information, please email or call us. Make sure you check your spam folder!


Once you have a seller number, you can make tags for your items at your convenience here.If you have any questions, please email me by clicking here. Here is some basic information to get you started:


1. After you have registered for the sale and volunteering, you are ready to work

with your inventory!

2. From your homepage, click on "Work with Consigned Inventory".

3. On the next screen, click on "Work With My Consigned Items (Active


4. The next screen is where you input your information for your tags (if you have

your items organized by gender & size, this goes really fast for you since you

won't have to change some of the information like category & size....maybe

even price).

5. To print tags:  If printing your tags right after entering items into the computer,

go back 1 page & click on "Print Tags" & select "Print All Tags" or "Print Selected

Tags". (Do "Selected Tags" if you have already printed some so you don't get


6. When working with inactive inventory, only add these items to the current sale

to make them active after you are done printing your "new" tags, so you don't

get duplicate tags for items that have already been on a sale. If you change a

price or change it to donate, for instance, you will need to print a new tag.

7. When removing items from inactive inventory, make sure to check the ones you

want removed and select "Delete SELECTED Items" so you don't delete all of

your inactive inventory.




Consignors and volunteers shop at special designated sale hours before the public.

Super & Early Bird Volunteers


Volunteers & Consignors using all white (donate) tags


Consignors Shop


Public Shopping




Thursday Sep. 10


Thursday Sep. 10



Thursday Sep. 10


Friday Sep. 11

Saturday Sep. 12

Saturday Sep. 12










1pm-3pm 1/2 off select items!

Consignors get to shop before the public, but if you are a real competitive bargain hunter you can take advantage of the opportunity to shop FIRST, by signing up to VOLUNTEER. You'll avoid the lines, get the best selection, and can even earn more on your sales! Check out Volunteers.





Checks will be mailed within two weeks of the end of the sale. Please email us if you have not received your check by two weeks from the Saturday pickup. After you receive your check, you have 10 days to contact me with any discrepancies and checks must be cashed within 60 days of the sale.



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