Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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Drop Off And Pick Up

If you are interested in hosting a drop-off in your community please contact Nicole Pennock by phone, (308) 455-0685, or nicole@bumblebeesandladybugs.com.  Drop-off site coordinators receive volunteering privileges.



Drop-off schedule and Location:

Buffalo County Fairgrounds Exhibit Building



Drop-off protocol:

Items must be properly tagged. Untagged, out-dated, or un-seasonal clothing

will be returned to you.

Clothing must be sorted into boy/girl groupings by size before you can be

checked in.

(HINT: Rubberbanding like sizes together will keep clothing organized

as you move it from home to the sale.)

If you plan on picking up your items that do

not sell (thus using the COLORED cardstock

that is assigned to your number) bring a large

storage tub to drop-off.

This tub needs to have your consignor number

on the end in bold numbers. We will use your

tub to organize your items following the sale.

(please don't leave your lid to your


• Due to the number of consignors wanting their

items returned, please consider volunteering

during tear-down.  We appreciate your help!

If you volunteered, just come to the pre-sale

and tell us your consignor # and name and we

will mark you off the list! (Volunteers get to

shop before those who just consign.)

Stay while your items are checked-in. If

something is not accepted you will be right

there to know why! Please don't feel bad if

bumblebees and ladybugs sign

certain items are rejected. We keep standards very high so that shoppers can

shop with confidence, knowing our quality-control is top-notch. With each sale you

will get a hang of what we will accept and what we will not.

Move your accepted items to racks and tables. (Please take the time to place

your items in the correct spot....if it's not in the correct size it's probably not

going to sell for you!)

Please allow 30-60 minutes for drop-off.  If you have Family Furniture items

or any other items that require assembly, please allocate more time, accordingly.

Bumblebees and Ladybugs reserves the right to remove any item from the

sale, even after check-in, if we discover a stain, tear, or non-working order, etc.

(if you receive items back in your tote that have the tags marked through these

are items that have something wrong with it and there is usually a note on there

of what it is.)

Pick-Up schedule:

Many consignors will not want to pick-up items that did not sell. Unsold items will be donated to organizations in Kearney that have the need for them.


If you want to pick-up your unsold items be sure to use the colored cardstock assigned to your number to tag with and bring a large storage tub marked with your consignor number to drop-off.


All items must be picked up at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds, Saturday,   5pm - 5:30pm.

Pick up protocol:


Items will be sorted and ready for you to

pick up. (Make sure to leave a tote with your

number on it, so we can put your items in it ~

please don't leave the lid.)

Items can only be picked up at the time and

place mentioned above.  Consignors may not

pull their items from the floor early.  If you

would like to help with tear-down, please sign up

to volunteer.


Items not redeemed on Saturday by the designated pick-up time will be


You will receive your check within two weeks of the sale. They will not be

available at pick-up.

All sales are final. We are not responsible for lost or stolen goods. We are not

responsible for unsold goods due to lost tags.

Please mark your calendar today if you plan on picking up unsold items.

We will donate all your color tagged items as well as your tub if you do not make

it to pick-up on time.