Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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2017 Spring Flyer

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Make 75% of Your Sales by Volunteering!


Want to make more money? Consignors who sign-up for two volunteering shifts not only get to shop at the Early Bird Pre-Sale, they will also earn 5% more of their sales.


Consignors cannot make more than 75% through incentives.  Incentives are non-transferable.  If a consignor does not show up for their shift(s) they will not only lose the incentive but their percentage will drop to 40%.  See Volunteering Page for details.  It is VERY important that volunteers be responsible for their shifts.  If you are unable to work please find a replacement.  If you have an EMERGENCY please notify Janel that you will be unable to work.



Receive $5.00 for EVERY Referral!!!


For every person that you refer to Bumblebees and Ladybugs to become a seller, you will receive $5.oo in Bumblebees and Ladybugs money, to be spent at the current sale! To receive this, the new consignor has to include your name on the initial sign-up process for it to count and they have to bring their items to the current sale. You will receive your "money" when you check your items in, but if the new consignor doesn't show with their items, this amount will be deducted from your check after the sale. It is your responsibility to check with us when you are checking your items in, to see if you have any "money" to collect and to make sure that your new consignor brings their items!

REMEMBER: they have to include your name on the initial sign-up they do on the computer for it to count.....there will be no exceptions!