Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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Mommie Mart

This sale isn't just for kids anymore!!!! Remember to bring your items to the Mommie Mart ~ clean out your closets and bring your unused shoes, purses, jewelry and accessories. Plus we also take women's clothing ~ including shirts now!  (jeans we take at each sale, but please bring your seasonal items to the correct sale). ALL womens clothing will be hung up now!


We started taking some men's clothing last sale and it went over really well. So, for the Fall sale we will take men's shorts, jeans, jackets, sweatshirts and shoes. (All men’s clothing will be hung up NOW!)


You can also bring home decor items and furniture (with the furniture please send me a picture to get it approved first, so you aren't bringing a large item in and we don't accept it!).


You're there shopping for the kiddos, so why not pick-up something for yourself!

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