Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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Preparing Your Items

The key to successful consigning is preparation. The better your items look the more you can charge, so take the time to prepare your items right. A little bit of work before the sale will lead to a larger check following the sale!


All items are inspected at drop-off. Unacceptable items will be returned to you.

Carefully inspect all clothing, toys, etc. All clothing must be in PERFECT condition. Do not tag clothing that is worn, outdated, or even barely stained. It will not be accepted.

All buttons, snaps, and zippers should be closed and in working order.

Clean (and iron if really wrinkled!) all garments. The better your items look the more you can charge and the faster they'll sell!

All clothing must be on a hanger or safety pinned to a hanger. Pants should be safety pinned, (to the slanted part of the hanger, not bottom, so they don't slide) not just hung on the hanger. When safety pinning pants, diaper covers, or skirts to a shirt pin them to the back side of the shirt (not underneath the shirt where they cannot be seen.)

• Clothing should be hung on the hanger so the hanger makes a question mark (?).

Shoes must be tied together. We will not be accepting shoes in ziplock bags.

• Toys that require batteries must have them. Toys must be in working order and like-new. If you forget to put batteries in an item and we do so for you the price of the batteries will be deducted from your check.

properly hung skirt bumblebees and ladybugs

Toys, games, equipment, cribs, etc. must have all pieces, be clean, and not be out-of-date. If you want your crib assembled (it will sell faster), allow yourself time to do so at drop-off. If you do not want to assemble your large item we encourage consignors to attach a photo of it assembled to the item. Items sell much faster when the customer can see exactly what they are purchasing. Any loose parts to toys or any item, should be put in bags and attached securley to the item they go with. Sealing bags with packing tape is a good idea! (TIP: Attach any instruction manuals to your toys and equipment. Extra info could grab a shopper's attention!)

Small items (such as socks or sippy cups) may be grouped together in a large ziplock bag. Please "lock" your bag closed with a piece of clear packing tape. Be sure you write the contents of your bag on the tag and tape it to the outside of the bag! We will not accept clothing or shoes in ziplock bags.

Beds, dressers, desks, etc. should be very clean & like-new. Consider repainting furniture if it looks old or dirty. It's a good investment! Assembled furniture sells faster and goes for a higher price. If you cannot assemble (for instance, don't have time or husband unable to help) attach a picture of your item.

Family Furniture items must be very clean & only gently-used.  Dressers, dining room tables, recliners, coffee tables, book shelves, desks, etc. will go in the  Family Furniture section of the sale.  Please email a picture of your item(s) to us for pre-approval.  All furniture must be pre-approved.

Nursery bedding must be clean and without stains and tears. Bedding that is torn or stained will not be accepted. Sheets blankets, bumpers, & quilts can be placed in a ziplock bag if they are a set. (Just make sure you list everything that is included on your tag!)

Stuffed animals will only be accepted if they "do" something like move, light up, or make noise. If they require batteries, they must have them.

bumblebees and ladybugs store shoppers

Videos must have their matching cover. We will not accept videos or dvds that are not in their original case.

We will only accept car seats that are less than five years old. Please check the following websites for recalls on car seats: http://www.nhtsa.gov or www.carseat.org or call the D.O.T. Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT. We only accept car seats that have never been in an accident. Car seats must have a sticker on the base that gives manufacture information to be accepted. We will be checking this sticker at check-in. Consignors will be asked to sign a waiver at check-in verifying that their carseat is not on a recall list and has never been in an accident.

Be picky! Your buyers will be!!!