Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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Promote Your Business

Bumblebees & Ladybugs provides two unique marketing opportunities just waiting to help grow your business. So read on to find out how easy it is to advertise at a Bumblebees & Ladybugs' event!



Promote your business with



Bumblebees & Ladybugs is offering you an effective, easy, and affordable way to promote your business--our Buzz About Town Goodie Bag. This is an awesome opportunity to get your name and product information out to area consumers!


How it works:

You provide Bumblebees & Ladybugs with coupons, samples, magnets,

pencils or other small promotional items for the sale.

Items may be any size, BUT NO LARGER than 8 1/2 by 3 2/3 inches. (That's one third of a sheet of normal sized paper). You do not need to have 500 of the same item. You could do 250 coupons and 250 pencils - you decide!


We will put your items into our Buzz About Town Goodie Bags and distribute them at our next sale. They will be put directly into the hands of 500 shoppers!



Goodie Bag Drop-off

• Please check with me to make sure your company isn't being represented by

someone else already.....only one company can be represented in the Goodie


• We are no longer allowing people to drop-off their items for the goodie bag. We

weren't getting some of them in time and it made it more work than it needed to

be. So, you will need to contact me to get my mailing information.....this will

allow us to assemble the packs before the sale. Thanks for your understanding!


Mailed items for the event must be received no later than April 1st.

Cost is only $30! Checks should be made out to Bumblebees & Ladybugs, LLC.

If you have any questions, please email Nicole or call (308) 455-0685.



Show-off your merchandise with a boutique in our

Mommie Mall™


How it works:


Mommie Mall™ vendors can choose a Friday or Saturday boutique...or both! If you have a business that is geared toward women or children you need a boutique in Mommie Mall™!


Mall webpage.

• We will only take one reservation per company and up to three per category (like

photographers, jewelry, etc).

• Reservations are made as payment is received and space is limited so hurry and

reserve your space today!


To request more information including a Mommie Mall™ Reservation Form, please email Nicole at nicole@bumblebeesandladybugs.com  or call (308) 455-0685.




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