Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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Stress Free Tagging

no stress, no worries, tagging tips from a busy mom...

This mom took about one hour a day, for 5 days, and made over $400!


DAY 1: STOCK-UP! While you are out stop at the Dollar Store and get cardstock, multiple packs of child size hangers (10 to a pack) and 200 safety pins. Also, pick-up gallon size ziplock bags, clear packing tape and maybe some ribbon.


DAY 2: CLEAN IT OUT! Go through every closet, under each bed, dig in the garage, open the rubbermaids and every drawer...pull all items that are not sellable. Items that have holes, missing pieces, broken zippers, toys that don't work, all have to go...bag it, give it away, or take it to the dump.


DAY 3: HANG IT! First claim a space for all your quality merchandise, somewhere that is somewhat protected and clean. (This is only for a few weeks, no large commitment needed.) Now purge the toys, the clothes, the equipment and more that is ready to sell. One thing I have learned, is that no matter how many toys I sell there are always too many toys! Place all your clothing items on hangers (be sure the hanger is

bumblebees and ladybugs shoppers shopping

going the correct direction). Put together outfits, check for little stains (bleach pen or Spray n Wash with Oxy!!). Items that are wrinkled can be ironed OR try the Downy wrinkle release -- gift from Heaven!!! Remember to pin items that might get bumped off the hangers. Hang or stack neatly all your items. WALK AWAY.


DAY 4: PRICE IT! In the order that your items are stacked or hung, complete each tag appropriately....DO NOT MIX UP YOUR ITEMS, KEEP THEM IN ORDER. Print your tags and cut them apart, then take your completed and in order stack of tags and find a safe place. WALK AWAY.


DAY 5: PIN IT! Pull out your nicely organized stack of tags, and go to your nicely organized stack or row of items. Now simply take the first tag to the first item and pin, continue on down, pin, pin, pin, etc. (This is where a brief desritpion on your tags helps you, just in case items or tags get out of order). When you get to shoes, you may need to use ribbon to tie the shoes together and pin a tag, some toys and large items will require packing tape, some items need to go into ziplock bags.


NOW YOU ARE READY FOR DROP-OFF! Sit back and make plans for the fun things you can do with that extra Bumblebees & Ladybugs money!




Thank you to JBF-Spokane for the previous article. Used by permission.