Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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Tagging & Pricing



As a consignor, you set the price on all items that you are selling. Remember that bargain hunters are looking for awesome deals, so be reasonable with your pricing.......or you will end up bringing a lot home with you! Twenty to Thirty percent of the original retail price is normally a good asking price. When setting the price, ask yourself - "How much would I spend for this item?"

We also recommend that you allow your items to go half-price on Saturday. Saturday shoppers are very thrifty and often will not consider an item unless it is half-price! It's better to get 50% and clean out your closets than to get items back that you don't need. And don't forget ~ if you plan to donate your unsold items, let them go for 1/2 price!!!


Items with missing tags cannot be sold. Be sure to attach all tags securely. If a customer wants to purchase your item but the tag has come off we cannot sell it. We donate all items missing tags if they aren't claimed at pick-up.

Tags that do not have a consignor number on them will be sold and the proceeds will go to charity.


Items must be at least $2.00. All items must be priced in increments of $1.00 ($2.00, $3.00, $4.00, etc.) If an item is not worth $2, group it together with several other low dollar items.


Here are some ideas on pricing (these would be for your common brands and for instance, Old Navy is going to be less than GAP): everyday tops & bottoms $2-$3; nicer tops $3-$5; jeans/khakis/pants $3-$8; swimsuits $2-$6.


If you are selling an item that was expensive, be sure to make a comment on your tag about what the retail price was or print off an information sheet. The shopper is likely to spend more on an item when they know they are really getting a good deal!




Use white cardstock if you want your unsold items donated. (Consignors

who use all white tags on their items will shop early on Thursday with the

volunteers at 4:30pm)

If you do not want your items donated, use the COLORED cardstock that is assigned to your consignor number, instead of white to price your item.

Donation Tax Write-off. The only way to get an accurate donation amount is to

use all colored cards on your items. Following the sale pick-up your unsold items,

itemize them, and then donate them to the charity of your choice. Another option

is to use colored tags, come in to pick-up your items Saturday, take the tags off

all your unsold items, and then donate them right away to the charities that will

be on-site to pick up donations.


We have recently launched a new barcode system! Some of the advantages of this new system are:


• Sellers generate standardized barcoded tags for

their items.


• No errors in buyer check-out due to human error

like transposing digits or mis-keying.


• Check-out process at the sale should be faster for



• During the sale, sellers can see which of their items

have sold!


Just login and print your tags! Everything will be

input into the computer, then you will print your tag,

cut them and place on your item.


(If you have multiple items that are the same, like

DVD's or the same size of girls shirts for example

that you are going to price the same, put a general

description in the computer and do the quantity of

tags that you need. Then once they are printed,

write a more specific description on each tag, like

the name of the DVD or brand and color of each

shirt. This will save you some time when tagging!)


bumblebees and ladybugs shoppers shopping

Tags with prices or consignor numbers marked through will not be

accepted. This is for security reasons. If you need to change a price please

make a new tag.


Multi-Piece Item Tagging Instructions (such as a multi-piece bedding set):

For non-hanging items with multiple separate pieces, put a tag on EACH

piece. (Print your tag like normal and on each additional piece just use an index

card and handwrite all the info on it. In the description section, put "1 of X"

where X is the number of pieces.  Complete each tag with consignor #,

description, and "2 of X", "3 of X", etc.  DO NOT put the price on any tag except

the first!) Hanging items with several pieces should be pinned to the same hanger

or if on separate hangers, they should be rubber banded together.  Use only

ONE tag.


• Use a hole punch in the center-top of your tag when attaching a safety pin.


Hang all clothing on a hanger. The hanger needs to face left so it looks like

a question mark (?). Children's hangers can be purchased atl ocal stores ten for

about one dollar. You can often pick up hangers at a local thriftstore for less.


You also can reuse the hangers from any new clothes you buy or from the items

you purchased at our last sale! Wal-mart, JC Penney's and other department

stores will often give out their leftover hangers and check with your local dry

cleaners also. It never hurts to ask! (Please use numeric sizing, 3mo, 4T, 6, etc.,

not S-M-L for children's clothing.)


Pants/shorts/skirts need to be safety pinned to a hanger.


Onesies/baby sleepers/pajamas sell better when they are on a hanger

versus put in a ziplock bag.  Hang the first item on a hanger and then safety pin

the other items to the back.


Punch a hole in the tag with a hole punch (don't go through any information) and then safety pin your tag to clothing on the right front. (please don't tape over safety pin)


Tape the tag with clear packing

tape (or use painters tape if you

think it might harm the item) to

toys, books, videos, etc. Please

use one piece of packing tape

only. DO NOT tape over the

barcode ~ even with the clear

packing tape!


• We will only accept videos that

have the original cover.


• Books placed in a ziplock need all

titles on its tag.  The tag should

then be taped on the outside of

the bag.


bumblebees and ladybugs shirt tagging tag example

Shoes may be tied together with string, shoelaces tied together, zip ties, held

fast with safety pins or, if it won't hurt the shoes, held together with clear packing

tape. Shoes in ziplock bags will not be accepted. Please only bring your best



• When selling cribs, please mark on tag whether a crib mattress is included.

(Remember ~ we can't take any drop-side cribs!)


• Zip tie tags to cribs, strollers, car seats and baby equipment that are more

expensive ~ this should help prohibit people from switching tags!


Get ready for our next sale! As your child outgrows clothing wash it, tag it, and

hang it. This will make preparation a breeze for our next sale!


Remember - Items will sell best when they look new. It's worth your time to clean up baby equipment and prep your items! For set-in stains try mixing 1/2 cup peroxide with 1/2 cup Clorox 2 powder & make into a paste. Apply to the stain & let sit for 2-4 hours then rinse well. OR use 1 part Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent mixed with 2 parts peroxide (maybe even a little baking soda) and work into the stain. Let sit for an hour or so and launder or rinse well. MAKE sure to test these mixes on an area that won't be seen, just in case it fades the color.