Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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2017 Spring Flyer

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Volunteer Information


Volunteers get to SHOP FIRST for the very best selection with no crowds! Just sign up for a time that works for you to help. You could set-up the sale, help with drop-off & organize, sort clothes, assist shoppers, help with checking-out shoppers or help with teardown at the end of the sale. With shifts at different times of the day and lengths, volunteering can fit into even the busiest schedule. Remember, Mom isn't the only one who can volunteer ~ Dads and Grandparents make great volunteers too! Plus, you don't have to be a consignor to volunteer and shop early! New Moms that aren't ready to sell anything yet, but want to shop early to get the best deals, this is a GREAT opportunity for you!

bumblebees and ladybugs store shopping



VOLUNTEERS: Choose ONE 4-hour shift & get to shop the pre-sale Thursday 4:30pm-7pm before the consignors and public!


EARLY BIRD VOLUNTEERS: Choose TWO 4-hour shifts -OR- an Extended shift (only 1 flyer shift may be used to get the Early Bird status!) & SHOP SECOND...Thursday 4pm-7pm AND receive 5% more on your sales (so 75% instead of 70%!).


SUPER VOLUNTEERS: Choose THREE 4-hour shifts (or a combination of 12 hours total, all hours have to be physically at the sale) & SHOP FIRST...Thursday 4pm-7pm, AND Receive 75% commission on your sales with no consignor fee!


(We do have some 2-hour shifts available and for those to count as 1 full shift, you have to sign-up for 2 of them. Doing one 2-hour shift will reduce your consignor fee to $10 instead of $12 ~ any questions on the volunteer shifts please email or call!)





ALL VOLUNTEERS - Thursday, 4:30pm-7pm




(If you are a consignor & want to volunteer, go to the Consignor Homepage Consignor Homepage to sign-up and if you just want to volunteer and have never been a consignor, go to the Worker Registration  Worker Registration link. These are both located under the Login/Registration tab.)




VOLUNTEER NO-SHOW PENALTY & POLICY:   We understand that sometimes unexpected mishaps will not allow you to work the shift you signed up for. However, in an effort to ensure the quality of our sale, if you are scheduled to volunteer and do not show for your shift, your consigning percentage that you will receive will drop to 40% (you will receive only 40% of your items that sell instead of  70% - 75%). If you are a non-consigning volunteer, you will not be allowed to volunteer or consign at the next sale.


If you have experienced an emergency that makes you unable to volunteer your shift, please call Janel at (308) 991-7694. Please, DO NOT call if it is not an emergency. It is your responsibility to find a replacement to work your shift if you are not able to come for non-emergency reasons.


Volunteer FAQ:

Can I bring my kids to volunteer?

Because we are usually very busy, and have so many people coming and going all the time, we feel it is unsafe to bring children while volunteering.


I have some physical limitations. Do you have a job for me?

We will be happy to accommodate all of our volunteers. Let us know your limitations, and we will find a shift that works for you.


Can my husband or Mom work so I can shop?

Sure! We are happy to have husbands,Grandmas, friends, etc. Volunteer shifts may be shared or split as you wish, and your shopping pass may be used by any single shopper.


Can I bring my husband / friend / Mom to the Volunteer sale?

Volunteer shopping passes only admit one shopper. You may choose more shifts to earn a second shopping pass to give to someone else...or get them to volunteer!