Spring Sale


- April 7th and 8th

-Buffalo County Fairgrounds


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2017 Spring Flyer

What to Sell

Appropriate seasonal clothing, shoes and accessories for everyone in the family shoes and accessories. All items must be

like-new. Do not try to sell "play clothes" but rather

clothes that look like they are new off the rack.

Please do not bring out-dated children's clothing or

clothing that shows excessive wear (pilling, faded

colors, worn knees, etc. Also, clothing that has

stains, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers or

smell like smoke will not be accepted.).

Toys, children's books, games, puzzles, children's

videos in their original case.

Baby Gear and Equipment:  highchairs, strollers,

pack n plays, bath seats, baby swings, bouncers,

exersaucers, carriers, potty chairs, etc. (We ask

that all large items be less than five years old.)

Baby blankets, cloth diapers, crib bedding,

bumpers, nursery decorations, diaper bags, breast

pumps, boppies, etc.

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Furniture: Cribs (no drop-sides), changing tables, children's desks, gliders,

rocking chairs, dressers, bookshelves, wardrobes/armoires, toy boxes, twin & full

sized beds, toddler beds, train tables, bean bags.  Remember:  a little paint goes

a long way.  Shoppers will not buy worn furniture. (Cribs need to be less than 10

years old. Consignor is responsible for checking for recalls and will be asked to

sign a waiver at check-in verifying that no large item is on a recall list. Drop side

cribs will not be accepted.)

Any season maternity clothing.  (Please do not bring out-dated maternity

clothes. They will not sell.)

• Pregnancy videos and books.

Dress-up costumes & dance attire.

• We will only accept pacifiers in their original packaging.

• We only accept car seats that have never been in an accident. Car seats must

be less than 5 years old. Consignor must be the original owner. If you are not

sure if your car seat has been recalled call the toll-free D.O.T. Auto Safety

Hotline in Washington, D.C., 1-888-DASH-2-DOT. Car seats must have a sticker

on the base that gives manufacture information to be accepted. We will be

checking this sticker at check-in.

Outdoor equipment: wagons, playhouses, bicycles, ride-on toys, slides,

sandboxes picnic tables, etc. These items ARE BIG SELLERS!!!

• Accepted seasonal items include: swimsuits, tank tops, pool floaties, flip-flops,


• Non-Accepted seasonal items include:   sleds, gloves, heavy coats, boots,

Christmas clothing, etc.

• We always take jeans, shorts, capris and shirts (just make sure the shorts,

capris, etc. don't have a seasonal print to them ~ the wrong season!)

Anything Related to Children – just remember, we will inspect all items when

you drop them off, and unacceptable items will be returned to you. Please don't

be offended if we don't accept some of your items, we are really trying to make

Bumblebees and Ladybugs a sale with a high quality of standards and

merchandise. With better quality overall, more people will attend and more of

your items will sell!

ALL consignors, both new and returning, must register for each and every sale!

Clothing without proper tagging or without a number will not be accepted.